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Arcadian Harvest Emerald®

Product Description

Arcadian Harvest Emerald® is the first ALL green salad blend since chopped romaine. Its petite whole leaves are cut just once in the field, offering a less processed approach. The combination of two greens—one dark and one blonde—gives year round consistent contrasting colors, and offers a higher portion yield, up to 3:1 per pound more than chopped romaine.

Product Features

  • Unique European lettuce varieties bred from Green Leaf, Batavia and Oak Leaf lettuces
  • Fully mature (grown 60+ days), petite whole leaves are more robust than baby lettuces
  • Single cut, once at the base, eliminates the pinking often seen in chopped lettuces
  • All-green color allows easy transition from current romaine or iceberg applications
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) helps shelf life performance while limiting discoloration
  • Multi-dimensional nature of leaves provides unmatched lift on the plate

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