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Did you know Broccolini® is celebrating its 20th anniversary?

20 years ago, Mann’s introduced this incredible tasty and versatile veggie to North America. Its unique slender stalk and light, loosely beaded heads make for an elegant presence on the plate, along with its sweet flavor. As we see various healthy eating trends come and go, Broccolini® is here to stay.

Help us celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Broccolini®!

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What do our customers say about Mann's?

"Just finished your Monterey Risotto bowl, new to our grocery stores here. I love it, and will add the bowls to my shopping list now. Looking forward to trying the others soon."

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Why choose Mann’s?

We are the leading provider of innovative ready-to-use fresh veggies.


Innovating Fresh-Cut Veggies

Thanks to a unique way of cutting fresh vegetables into shapes that will inspire creativity for everyday meals.

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Pre-Washed & Ready to Use

Our vegetables are washed and ready to cook and versatile enough for multiple uses such as salads, stir-fry, soups and casseroles.

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North America

Serving North America

We distribute more than 35 commodities through out the United States and Canada. You can find Mann's in Puerto Rico too.

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Our Story

Today and always we strive to conduct ourselves with the integrity, honesty and generosity that Mann Packing was founded on 79 years ago.

Each day we practice our core values.


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