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Nourish Bowls®

Nourish Bowls®
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"Hi, I bought your Bacon Maple Brussels Nourish Bowls on 4/15/2018 from Eddie's Market here in Baltimore. I just tried it today 4/18/2018 and found it very good! Of course, anything with bacon and /or Brussels Sprouts in it is a definite "yes" for me. So glad I did not pass up this random grocery purchase. :) When I opened the package and saw the small (I thought, being the bacon lover that I am) packet of bacon, I thought that it wouldn't be enough bacon to cover everything. After everything cooked down, I found that it was just the right amount of bacon. All the flavors melded perfectly. The sauce was fantastic, not too sweet and just right. I just want to thank you for such a good product. I will definitely be buying more of the Nourish Bowls in the future. Thank you!"

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