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Growing Regions

Mann’s Growing Operations

Mann’s Growing Operations

Our growing season in the Salinas Valley is generally between Easter and Thanksgiving. During the months in between, we grow our premium vegetables and lettuces in Yuma, AZ, and Baja, CA.

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Growing Regions Current Weather Updates

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Salinas Valley Costa Farms

Salinas, California

The Salinas Valley is known as the Salad Bowl of the World and home to many of worlds produce suppliers. The Salinas Valley has rich soil and a temperate climate which make it our main growing region from March to November. The Salinas Valley is framed by mountain ranges on the east and west and it opens up to the Pacific Ocean, which is the source of the marine influence that cools the valley and makes possible the wide range of crops found here.

Yuma County Arizona

Yuma, Arizona

Yuma County has rich soil, water access and more than 350 days of sunshine a year, which is why we head there from November to March when the weather is too wet and cold in the Salinas Valley. After the typical summer heat in Yuma, the temperature drops just enough to create perfect growing conditions. Yuma County is known as the winter lettuce capital of the world.

Baja Mexico

Baja California, Mexico

With its year-round warm weather and rich soil, the Baja California region of Mexico is an ideal spot for growing produce. We grow several products in this region when it is too wet, too cold, or too hot in either of the other regions.