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Butternut Squash

Product Description

A culinary classic. Washed, peeled and cubed, Mann’s Butternut Squash is perfect for any menu application. Fresh-cut and ready to eat, butternut squash is not only a healthy choice for your menu, but also your bottom line.

Product Features

  • Butternut squash is a nutrient dense vegetable; high in fiber, no fat, excellent source of vitamin A and potassium
  • Versatility in use and presentation
  • Creates great summer, fall, winter and spring dishes
  • 100% Yield
  • Great for health care, college & university vegetarians and in family style restaurants
  • Product can be served either hot or cold
  • Use as the main ingredient in a soup
  • Add for color in a hot or cold salad
  • Serve roasted, baked, or grilled for a colorful side dish
  • Use in a souffe for a different texture and a healthy dessert
  • Serve a butternut sweet bread year round

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