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Super Spring Mix

Product Description

Mann’s Super Spring Mix is a blend of Arcadian Harvest® petite whole leaf lettuces and a select combination of baby greens. The mild, sweet flavor of the Arcadian leaves mixed with the peppery, bold bite of the baby greens delivers a new generation of culinary qualities to salads.

Product Features

  • Plate ready—washed and ready to eat
  • Minimal preparation time
  • Single cut, once at the base, eliminating the pinking normally seen in “chopped” lettuces
  • Multiple varieties and colors deliver an upscale appearance
  • 100% Yield
  • Multidimensional nature of Arcadian Harvest® lettuce leaves provides unmatched lift on plate
  • Try with a classic olive oil and vinegar dressing and add dried fruit, nuts and crumbled cheese
  • One 3 lb bag contains 48—1 oz servings

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