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Fresh-Cut Sweet Potatoes

Product Description

Mann’s Fresh-Cut Sweet Potatoes are a great addition to any appetizer or side dish menu. Grown in the Central Valley of California, we use the well known orange fleshed variety, packing ultimate sweet flavor and vibrant color.

Product Features

  • Available in cubes, crinkle cut and ribbons
  • Minimal preparation time
  • Great source of Vitamin E and dietary fiber
  • One cup of cooked sweet potatoes provides 30 mg (50,000 IU) of Beta Carotene
  • Versatile for use in appetizers, side dishes and salads
  • Product can be used hot or cold
  • Great on college campuses and in family style restaurants
  • Toss with olive oil and roast
  • Scramble with eggs for a hearty breakfast
  • Grill and season for the perfect American side dish

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