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Veggie Power Blend

Product Description

Mann’s Veggie Power Blend is a colorful blend of six superfoods: broccoli stalks, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, kale, radicchio and colored carrots. It offers unprecedented convenience to operators and can be utilized in a wide variety of applications, from appetizers and salads to sandwiches and entrees.

Product Features

  • Blend ingredients represent an “All Star” list of on-trend vegetables, offering a set of menu mentions that suggest freshness, health and nutrition
  • The explosion of color delivers a wow factor in plate presentation, but also taps into consumers’ cues for high nutrition
  • Offers a new paradigm within the produce category for chefs to explore in menu development
  • Uses a wide variety of vegetables in a shredded blend providing high level convenience
  • Product can be used both hot or cold
  • Sauté until tender for Asian or Italian noodle style
  • Use as a main ingredient for cole slaw style salads
  • Add chopped nuts and dried fruit with poppyseed dressing
  • Add ginger and green onions with a wasabi vinaigrette
  • Great filler for chicken or tuna salads
  • Use for added color or crunch for wraps, sandwiches or virtually anything

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