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Arcadian Harvest Ruby®

Product Description

Arcadian Harvest Ruby® is an eye-popping blend of red and green sweet crisp lettuces paired with red butter lettuce. It is the perfect fit for new salad concepts where creativity and awe are front and center.

Product Features

  • Bold red and green color add a unique presentation to any dish
  • Plate ready – washed and ready to eat
  • Unique European lettuce varieties bred from butter lettuce, sweet crisp lettuces and green leaf lettuces
  • Fully mature (grown 60+ days), petite whole leaves are more robust than baby lettuces
  • Single cut, once at the stem, eliminating the pinking often seen in chopped lettuces
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) helps shelf life performance while limiting discoloration
  • 1 ounce of Arcadian Harvest Ruby has the same plate coverage as 2 ounces of spring mix, providing attractive cost per serving
  • Multi-dimensional nature of leaves provides unmatched lift on the plate

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