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June 23, 2015 | Press Releases, 2015

SALINAS, CA – June 26, 2015 –Honor, quality, passion, vision: the four pillars of success sought out in employees at Mann Packing. On June 23, 2015, Mann Packing recognized these traits in four exceptional individuals who demonstrated them at a quarterly Reward and Recognition ceremony. Recipients Gina Lamb (honor), Leslie Gomez (quality), Georgina Salazar (passion), and Baltazar Llamas-Moto (vision), were among many that day to be identified for the drive and talent they bring with them to the workplace.

It is this kind of excellence and dedication that has allowed Mann Packing to thrive for the last 76-years and remain on the forefront of the fresh-cut vegetable industry. As chairman and CEO Lorri Koster is fond of saying, “No one circles the wagons like the people at Mann Packing.” Some have been circling those wagons daily for the company for over a quarter of a century, proving that Mann Packing is more than just a community of coworkers, but a family.

What else explains the longevity of the careers of those acknowledged for their service as all gathered outside the main office at Mann’s Hansen street building to celebrate 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 year anniversaries of owners Dick (40 years) and Jeff (35 years) Ramsey, president Mike Jarrard (20 years) and nearly 40 plant employees employed for more than 20 years? As each was called up by name to pose with the company mascot, Snap Mann, between a quarter and over half of Mann Packing’s history was represented on stage.

Both the Nucci and Ramsey families expressed their gratitude, saying “Thank you for all you do to make our company strong and successful. We couldn’t do it without you!” Looking to the past, commending the people that have built the company it is today, Mann Packing can only be led towards a promising future.

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