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Nourish Bowls® Monterey Risotto with Pan-Seared Scallops

Prep Time
5 minutes
Total Time
20 minutes
Skill Level


  • 1 (8.75 ounce) Mann™ Nourish Bowls® Monterey Risotto
  • 6 dry sea scallops
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

The Method

Prepare Mann™ Nourish Bowls® Monterey Risotto according to package directions. Leave covered until ready to serve.

While the Mann™ Nourish Bowls® Monterey Risotto is cooking, rinse scallops with cold water and dry thoroughly. Season both sides of each scallop with salt and pepper, to taste.

Add the butter and oil to a 12-inch sauté pan on high heat. Once the fat begins to smoke, gently add the scallops, making sure they are not touching each other. Sear the scallops for 1½ minutes on each side.

The scallops should have a golden crust on each side while still being translucent in the center.

Stir the contents of the cooked Mann™ Nourish Bowls® Monterey Risotto together and divide them evenly onto 2 dinner plates. Add 3 scallops on top and serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 183g | Servings: 2
Amount Per Serving
Calories 310 ׀ Total Fat 23g (sat 7g trans 0g) ׀ Cholesterol 35mg ׀ Sodium 420mg ׀ Total Carbohydrate 19g ׀ Dietary Fiber 3g ׀ Sugars 2g (Includes 0g Added Sugars) | Protein 9g ׀ Vitamin D 0% ׀ Calcium 6% ׀ Iron 6% ׀ Potassium 10%

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